5th Graders Must be Tested for Band Instrument Placement!

Please sign up for an appointment during the week of June 4-7 by clicking on the link below.  This is extremely important for all incoming 6th graders who have not tested for band instruments yet.  Students will not be placed on an instrument without being tested first.


Honor Band–Winter Tour Info

Winter Tour is Friday, January 26 during the school day.


Wear your new grey band shirt
We will be playing Let’s Go Null and Feast of Stephen–we will practice this in class on Thursday.  Be sure to have the music.  If you need it, let Mrs. Tieman know before school starts.

We will leave at about 9:30 and will return around 1:30.  We will feed you Chick Fil A.

We need to take as little equipment as possible.  No large percussion equipment, and we will take stands with us on the bus.  We will talk more on Thursday.

Let Mrs. Tieman know if you have any questions.

Donors Choose for iPod Touches

We are looking for donations to purchase iPod Touches so that students who do not own an electronic device can record their playing tests.  Please Visit the Website and be sure to share the link on your social media page so that we can get as many donations as possible!

Anyone who donates by December 19 can enter the code LIFTOFF at checkout, and Donors Choose will double the donation up to $50!



Our band is participating in the annual Spirit of King program, in which we “adopt” families in need and provide their Christmas presents.

This year, we have chosen a 6 year old boy!

We need band families to help us provide gifts.  You may also donate money or gift cards and the band directors can make purchases.  Here is the child’s information:

Gender: Male
Age: 6
Clothing sizes:
Top: 7-8 boys
Pants: 8 Husky
Shoes: 1.5
Needs/Wants: pants, shirts, cars, game boy games (Note: Mrs. T is trying to get more info on the specific gaming system the child has)

Everything must be in before December 13!