Mr. Lea

auditorium picMr. Lea, Director of Bands

M.M.Ed. – Music Education, University of North Texas
B.M. – Music Education, Michigan State University
B.A. – Psychology, Texas A & M University

About me:

I consider myself fortunate to have discovered my love of music very early in life and was able to start piano lessons in 2nd grade. I continued to involve myself in music in every way possible through school; I sang in choir while still in 6th grade beginning band, later replaced choir with Jazz band, and was the drum major in 8th grade AND for two years in high school. (yes… our middle school marched half-time shows “back then!”). My favorite part of being in band was that the Band Hall was a safe place that I could go to at school where all of my friends were before and after school. Being in Band taught me to break out of my shell and challenge myself to achieve my goals; I won medals in region and state Solo and Ensemble contests in 7th – 12th grade, and auditioned into Region band, Area band, Region Jazz and Area Jazz bands, and was a Texas All-State trumpet player!

Houston Pride Band_40th Anniversary_Hobby Center_October 13, 2018_Monica's Foto Houston-0215In addition to teaching at Null MS, I’m also an Artistic Director and Conductor of a community band in the heart of Houston, and I continue to perform around the Houston area on my trumpet.

CMFun Fact: I worked for Starbucks and was a barista for almost 10 years! By the time I left, I was a black-apron Certified Coffee Master 🙂

Office: 505A (band hall) 
Phone: 281-436-2820