Mr. Lea

auditorium picMr. Lea, Director of Bands

M.M.Ed. – Music Education, Univ. of North Texas
B.M. – Music Education, Michigan State Univ.
B.A. – Psychology, Texas A & M Univ.

What a year this is going to be! I am incredibly optimistic about the future of the Null Band Program based on the attitudes and work ethics that we brought to our 7-8th grade summer band camp this year. (Thank you!) Let’s continue raising the bar together to be a leading example of the districts “LEVEL UP!” initiative.

About me:

I’m a Southeast Texas native, but my immediately family is now spread from Louisiana to California and all across Texas (holidays are interesting!) I consider myself fortunate to have discovered my love of music very early in life and was able to start piano lessons in 2nd grade. I continued to involve myself in music in every way possible through school; I sang in choir while still in 6th grade beginning band, later swapped choir for Jazz band, was the drum major in 8th grade AND for two years in high school (yes… our middle school marched half-time shows “back then”). I medaled in region and state Solo and Ensemble contests, made it through Region band, Area band, Region Jazz and Area Jazz bands, and was an Texas All-State trumpet player!

In college, I got a little distracted and earned a Bachelors in Psychology from Texas A&M, but I quickly realized that I couldn’t live without making and sharing music with others. I quickly followed up by moving to Michigan and earning my Bachelors in Music Education from Michigan State University (go Green!) After moving back to Texas to be more central to my family, I taught for a few years in Aldine and Pasadena ISDs before deciding to dedicate my summer free-time to more learning. I recently finished my M.M.Ed. from the University of North Texas!!

In addition to my public school teaching, I’m also an Artistic Director and Conductor of a community band in the heart of Houston!

Fun Fact: I worked for Starbucks and was a barista for almost 10 years! By the time I left, I was a black-apron Certified Coffee Master 🙂

Office 505A (band hall) 
Phone: 281-436-2820