Our band is participating in the annual Spirit of King program, in which we “adopt” families in need and provide their Christmas presents.

This year, we have chosen a 6 year old boy!

We need band families to help us provide gifts.  You may also donate money or gift cards and the band directors can make purchases.  Here is the child’s information:

Gender: Male
Age: 6
Clothing sizes:
Top: 7-8 boys
Pants: 8 Husky
Shoes: 1.5
Needs/Wants: pants, shirts, cars, game boy games (Note: Mrs. T is trying to get more info on the specific gaming system the child has)

Everything must be in before December 13!


CHARMS is the website our band directors use to keep up with all of our students’ information regarding band.  YOU can use Charms to do things like :

  1. See if you owe the band any money
  2. Make sure you have turned in all your forms
  3. View the calendar for the band
  4. Submit recordings for playing tests

Everyone will be expected to use this program.  For example, before asking a director if you owe money or if you have turned in a form, our first response will be to ask if you have checked Charms first.  If you need help after that, we will be glad to assist you.  Click the link below for help.  If your information has not changed, make sure it is all correct and that is all you need to do.

Charms Setup Instructions

The Storm is Over…It’s Time for Band

Notes for all band members–

1. Students will be bringing home a bright orange form about Band Fees.  We were able to get them from $20 down to $10 to make it easier for families who are having to clean up their homes.  There is also a place on the form for 7th/8th graders to order their uniforms and for those students who are renting an instrument from the school to pay for that.  Just check off the boxes that apply to you and total it up at the bottom.

2. Students need to turn in their Travel & Medical Form and their Handbook Agreement form.  If these were lost during our time off, there are more copies available in the band hall.


6th grade–
Our minor setback is the whole “we don’t have instruments” thing.  As you know, we were supposed to have our Horn Drives back in August for you to come visit the music stores here at Null and set up your rent-to-own.  Then there was Harvey.

We have rescheduled our Horn Drives for October 4 and 5 from 5:30-7 PM at the NMS Cafeteria.  If we want these kids to be ready for their first concert in December, it is HIGHLY important for all 6th graders to show up if they did not do so in the spring.


7th and 8th grade–

We are now playing our instruments!  Students should have them every day.  They need to make sure they have all necessary maintenance supplies, as they will be tested soon for them.