Beginner Band

Welcome, New Band Members!

Get ready to embark on the greatest adventure of your life—the BAND!  In this band program, you are going to discover talents you never thought you had, experience things that no one else in the school gets to experience, and best of all–you’re going to become a part of the band family.  These people are going to be your best friends.  You’ll be with them until the day you walk the stage at your graduation from CE King High School!  You will go through everything with your band family, and as you look back on these times when you’re grown, band will be one of your happiest childhood memories.

We know that you–a beginning band student–know NOTHING about band, and that’s okay!  Remember that everybody else is in the same boat as you.  Your directors will teach you everything you need to do know, starting as simple as how to sit and how to open your case.  You’ll learn how to read all of the notes and rhythms, where to put your fingers, and how to not sound like a dying chicken!

Here are our expectations of you, 6th graders:

  1. Practice practicing!
    You have to develop good habits.  This is why it is SO important that you practice at least 15 minutes a day.  Practice the things that you are having trouble with and make sure it gets even a little bit better–and THEN you can reward yourself by playing the songs you are good at and enjoy playing.
  2. Be involved 
    When we do a fundraiser, a trip, a game, fun things like band karate, do it with us!  Do your part to make our band program a success!
  3. Have all supplies
    We are not going to be successful if you are not 100% on board and engaged EVERY SINGLE DAY.  You must have your book, music, pencil, instrument, and supplies with you at all times.

Instrument Rentals and Supplies

Swicegood Music

H&H Music/Brook Mays

Music & Arts

Veritas Instrument Rental

Fleming Instrument Repair

Woodwind Brasswind (online store)